As the number of people working remotely grows,
so does an organisations technology and support needs.

Providing a flexible work environment is a smart way to get the most from your modern workforce, your staff will be more engaged and productive.
They can work from anywhere be it home, the office or on the go.

Transitioning to the cloud need not be complicated. IOM Cloud offer a straightforward migration from your current system to their hosted solution at a time that suits your business. Ongoing support and maintenance will leave you confident your IT systems are running on the latest technology and supported by an expert technical team.


Work from anywhere: securely access your company data and applications from anywhere at any time with any device and an Internet connection.


No need for expensive IT server hardware, licence renewals and external IT support. Savings of up to 50% over a three-year period can easily be achieved.


We will become your outsourced IT department and you will no longer have to worry about software updates, replacing outdated hardware and dealing with day-to-day IT issues.

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Your data stored securely in the Isle of Man.

IOM Cloud was formed with the goal to provide the best cloud computing experience to enable customers to fully realise the potential of modern computing, safe in the knowledge your data is hosted and supported wholly in the Isle of Man.

Support you can trust

We specialise in one thing, cloud services. So whatever IT challenge you face, you know you are being looked after by professionals who really care about what they do.

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Our Values

We work hard to get to know our customers and really understand their needs. This enables us to use our experience to help them in the right way.

We continuously invest in our employees at IOM Cloud to make sure they have specific and relevant training that will help them excel in their role.

We always use the latest technology and security processes to meet the robust compliance and regulatory demands of a range of different business sectors.

We work hard, and we work smart. We hire super-talented people who share our bold ambitions, our integrity, and our passion for great customer service.

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